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Reserve a Bra-Fitting party with all of your friends!g


About 85 percent of women are still wearing the wrong size bra!  Put an end to the madness and get your girlfriends together for a private Bra-Fitting & Shopping party at Best Rack Around.  Enjoy a night filled with shopping, drinks & discounts!


This is a unique, just-for-fun night out with friends. You'll share some laughs, create some memories and leave with a properly raised rack!



Need some other fun rack-raising ideas?




Best Rack Around specializes in professional bra-fitting services. With knowledgeable staff, we are committed to helping our guests find the comfort and fit they need. We carry sizes A-M in the store and can special order other sizes if needed. Please email or call to reserve your Bra Fitting Appointment.


Bra-Fitting Party


Let us fit your girls!! 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra! Get a few of your girl friends together and come to Best Rack Around in Leesburg's Market Station. Your friends will love you for helping them into the right bra! It’s an essential part of your wardrobe and can make you look 10 pounds less! We will provide champagne or wine for the party too.


Book one of our fabulous parties for:

•  Bachelorette Party

•  Bridal Shower

•  Birthday Party

•  Girls Night Out

•  Just for Fun


Treat the birthday girl to a gift certificate and plan a night out that will keep the girls looking 21 forever. Each party girl will get properly fitted and shop for bras that will make you forever young! Plus everyone in the party will get special discounts for attending. A perfect birthday girl's day or night out!




Lingerie Showers

Lingerie showers are even more fun than a regular bridal shower, and what better venue to host this secret affair than a lingerie boutique! Instead of bringing the bride-to-be a lingerie gift, have her pick out her own. She gets what she loves & you get to shop a little for your own something new!


Mom's Night Out

You work hard and you have ratty bras to show for it. Get all your Mom friends together, leave the kids with Dad, grandparents or a babysitter and think about you and your rack for a change! Get a professional fitting - because, let's face it, when was the last time you had a fitting? Never? Pre-kids?  Enjoy some mom-only time with your friends. This is a unique, girls-only treat!


Bachelorette Parties

Outfit the bride-to-be with lingerie she really loves and that fits her like a glove! Plus, every bridesmaid, friend and mom will get a complimentary bra fitting. This is the perfect time to shop for dress undergarments, lingerie or just for fun! Then continue the night at one of the fabulous restaurants or bars within walking distance of Market Station.

Or Any Girls Night Out!